Driving and Traffic Tips

Droom cares for your safety. We believe that enhancing driving and traffic safety is a complex task, and that we all should shoulder the responsibility to create awareness in the society.

Driving/Riding tips

1 Follow driving rules and regulations.

2 Adjust the driver’s seat as per your comfort.

3 Take care while overtaking, overtake from right side.

4 Others might drive aggressively, but make sure to drive calmly and without ego. Avoid dirty speed games on road.

5 Always wear seatbelts. Use of seat-belts can reduce the risk of death in a road crash by 61 percent.

6 Make sure to wear a helmet. Helmets reduce fatal and serious head injuries by up to 45 percent.

7 Properly know the controls of the vehicle before driving on road.

8 Maintain safe distance with other vehicles.

9 Avoid driving very closely to overcrowded, overweight and top-heavy buses, minivans and taxis.

10 Make sure that your vehicle (self-owned/rented) is in good condition.

11 Know the weather report before travelling.

12 Never use you cell phone while driving.

13 Drive at the right speed (as per norms) as for every 1km/h reduction in average speed, there is a 2 percent reduction in the number of crashes. Remember: speed thrills but kills.

14 Use child restraint whenever possible as it reduces child death rate by 35 percent.

15 Get the vehicle’s damaged safety features, for example deflated airbags, immediately replaced.

16 Don’t drink and drive as doing so is the same as welcoming death.

17 Properly use crash avoidance equipment, such as lights and reflectors.

18 For long drives, share your driving responsibilities with someone else.

19 Also remember to use your dipper at night. If oncoming traffic does not dip its high beam, look to the left side of the road and drive towards the left of your lane. If you are dazzled, slow down or pull over until your eyes recover.

Traffic tips

1 Always watch for the traffic signals.

2 Be aware of local traffic patterns.

3 Cross only at zebra pathways.

4 Be alert to reckless driver behaviors.

5 Avoid walking where you cannot be easily seen.

6 Avoid using iPods or wearing headphones while you are on a busy road as you need to be able to hear approaching vehicles.

7 Watch for signals and lights that are hidden or in unfamiliar places.

8 Walk carefully on the side of the roads in places that do not have pavements.

9 Wear reflective clothes at night and bright clothes at day.

Stay safe. Keep Drooming!