Terms & Condition for Deals, Offers & Pricing Formats

Droom Deals, Offers & Pricing Formats

For Buyer

  1. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer
  2. Limited quantity available until sold
  3. Droom reserves the right to cancel your order and refund your amount without explaining any reason(s)
  4. Only one order per registered user
  5. Droom may ask for more information before processing your order
  6. This offer/deal can end anytime without prior notice
  7. Droom does not take any responsibility of the item condition, authenticity or validity of documents
  8. Full transaction is considered closed once buyer and seller meet and complete their obligations
  1. Please refer to the item checklist before you meet seller for the successful transaction closure
  2. This offer can only be availed with the payment method and options mentioned in listing details or deal page
  3. The item will not be shipped unless mentioned explicitly otherwise
  4. Buyer is responsible for reaching out to seller and coordinating the transaction closure proces
  5. Buyer and seller are responsible for following all the rules and regulations prescribed by RTO for buying, selling, transferring ownership and registration
  6. Buyer will be responsible for any insurance required by law
  7. There may be additional costs involved for transfer, registration and other services – all these will be borne by the buyer.

For Seller

  1. For vehicles under deals and promotions, it may take up to 3-5 working days before the vehicle delivery happens.
  2. Any dealer found abusing/misusing the droom platform or promotions will be suspended and may face legal action.
  3. Dealers are not allowed to sell to or buy from their friends and family under any of the droom promotions. Violation of this rule will straightaway lead to suspension of the seller’s account.
  4. Dealers need to submit a copy of a cancelled cheque to droom as proof of their bank account.
  5. Dealers should refrain from bribing/collaborating with any of the droom employees or customers for undue benefit. Any such action will lead to suspension
  1. In case of any policy violation, droom reserves the rights to cancel any order while the seller will still be liable to pay selling fees to droom.
  2. One seller should have only one account with droom. Any seller with multiple accounts or trying to have multiple accounts with droom will be suspended and be liable to legal action.
  3. If any dealer agrees to hold any automobile for certain duration of time for any of droom’s deals and promotions but does not keep his word, his account with droom will be suspended with immediate effect.
  4. It may take up to 3-5 working days for any payment to reach the seller from the time it is due.